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About the Artist:

Since she was very young, Brenda loved creating art. She is self-taught and enjoys working with a variety of mediums including acrylic, oils, watercolour, scratchboard, mixed media and alcohol inks. She also restores Lawn Ornaments and makes greeting cards.

Brenda enjoys participating in several art associations and art tours including:

Harbourside Painters of Canada – member for 7 years and Vice President for 1 year

Fine Arts America -member for 8 years and featured artist several times.

The Women’s Art Association of Canada – Brenda is a member and her art can be seen on their website and in either the Dignam Gallery or Ruth Upjohn Gallery year round during member shows. She had also had her own Solo Shows in the Ruth Upjohn Gallery.

Toronto West Arts Collaborative (TWAC) – This is a new membership for Brenda and she looks forward to embracing the many opportunities offered to the group

Arts on the Credit Member Brenda participates yearly in the Art Tours and was a featured Solo Artist in their Virtual Gallery for the month of June 2021

Brenda’s work has been chosen for many juried shows and many of her pieces hang in several international locations.

Brenda’s artistic journey has been very rewarding learning from many amazing artist like Derek Wicks, Shelley Prior, Tony Bianco and many other talented Artist. She has had some amazing opportunities learning from incredible photographers and naturalists like Ed Gallant and Margo Holt! These wonderful naturalist became her very close friends and taught her so many things about nature, birds, plants, the forest and many wildlife species which have helped her to interpret her creative techniques into her art.

Brenda’s own words: “I am passionate about what I do and I am confident it shows in my work!”


Follow me:

Twitter: @BBrownArtist

Instagram: @blbrownartist


I have done commissions for people looking to replicate a photograph of their special place into a painting.


I create a variety of greeting cards. I can also do custom personalized card to include persons names and your own created occasion.


I restore lawn ornaments to give them life again and keep them out of the landfills. I started when an ornament my mother gave me before she passed had warn out but I loved the ornament and didn’t want to say goodbye to it. It had so many personal memories and when I’d gaze upon it in my garden I would remember my mom and when she gave it to me. So I restored it for myself and it turned out better than the day I got it. I knew right away I wanted to do more of these. It is my way of giving back to the earth, keeping them out of the landfills and repurposing things that would be thrown out.


I use trash or recycled materials to create my mixed media pieces. Some items I use are coffee cup holders, egg cartons, plastic water bottles, the mess from fruit bags and many other items to repurpose and keep out of the landfills.

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